Anonymous asked:

can I submit a drabble request? Harry and Ginny being photographed/in the newspaper for the first time together.

scared-of-clouds answered:

‘This feels weird.’

Ginny’s words were matter-of-fact, but Harry couldn’t help the slight edge of panic that clawed up his throat, and he was sure he gripped her hand a little tighter although he didn’t slow their pace as they walked.

‘Weird?’ He repeated, hoping to gain some context before reacting; time spent around Ginny this summer had taught him that he could be just as good as Ron at putting his foot in it sometimes.

‘You know, us, out in public together. And no-one is actively trying to kill us.’ Ginny answered absently, and Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he realised that he hadn’t done anything wrong. He’d been so nervous at the idea of taking Ginny out on a proper date – especially since they’d never really been on one when they’d been together at Hogwarts - and he’d spent most of it on tenterhooks, certain that he’d screw up at some point.

But apparently he hadn’t; they’d been to the cinema, which was a brand new experience for Ginny and had disproportionately thrilled her, and then for a meal in the Black Cat on Diagon Alley, which had the benefit of being quieter than the Leaky Cauldron.

It hadn’t been anything special, but to the two of them it was a miracle just to be free to do it. Which wasn’t to say that Harry didn’t nervously touch his wand every minute or so, just to check that it was there, or that Ginny didn’t jump a little at fast-moving shadows; he didn’t mention it, and neither did she, but both of them knew all too well that you didn’t just shake off trauma, didn’t just go back to normality. You rebuilt, and that was done one step at a time. With things like job applications, and Quidditch games, and dates.

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